DC to DC Converters and Thick Film Hybrids

Radiation Hardened
Inputs to 100VDC
Outputs to 200W
Regulation to 0.1%
Power density to 0.16W/gm (5W/oz)
Efficiency to 85%
Multiple outputs


Some example DC/DC Converters:

DC/DC Converter 20W, +20V, +15V, -15V


DC/DC Converter Model 302A

HI-REL DC-DC Converters
Your difficult decision is now made simpler with the availability of FEI DC-DC converters, customized for your HI-REL satellite systems.

Heritage DC-DC Converters

Since 1963 we have built thousands of converters, many as part of our own highly regarded frequency control products. (Ninety-four satellite and space exploration programs have used FEI precision time-frequency standards.) We now offer proven DC-DC converters separately.

You can be confident that your decision to buy from us is the right one, knowing that our units meet the highest quality and reliability standards. In addition, buying from us (rather than making yourself) usually means lower cost and faster delivery. In many cases we deliver prototypes in only 4 months and flight units in less than a year.

We are efficient, because we specialize in supplying HI-REL products for space applications in relatively small quantities. Quality, price and delivery advantages result from a high degree of vertical integration. We maintain complete control and responsibility throughout design and fabrication, particularly over such crucial elements as...

• Hybrid design and production winding of magnetic elements
• PC board fabrication
• Precision machining
• Computer-Aided Design

Modular design also shortens delivery and decreases cost. We incorporate our proven modules using FEI HI-REL hybrids, many of which are already qualified (and even in stock). FEI consistently achieves the results that space demands. The technology is the latest state-of-the-art that has been proven in use to be consistent with space qualification.

Radiation hardening
Our units are designed to operate for 15 years subjected to natural radiation levels of 107 rads and to survive man- made radiation threats. Exposure of our integrated circuit chips and hybrids to 100,000 rads affects efficiency by only 1-2% as predicted to end-of-life. Voltage tolerances are met with dose margins of 7:1 to over 100:1 without special shielding.

Efficiency as high as 85% is routinely achieved throughout design life, even at environmental extremes. (When extra regulation provided by the optional Linear Regulators is included, this drops only slightly to 74-80%.)

Power density
Proprietary design achieves light weight and small size by employing our HI-REL hybrids, and low loss magnetics. We typically realize power density of 0.18 W/cu. Cm (3 W/cu. In.) and 0.16 W/gm (5 W/oz.).

Output voltage protection
The Linear (output) Regulator, usually included to improve regulation and minimize ripple, is specially designed to introduce a low voltage drop, so that output voltage is only slightly less than input. Therefore, should a failure occur in the regulator, the ouput rises no more than 0.8 V ("headroom"). This often eliminates the need for an over-voltage detector and shutdown circuit.

From APOLLO in 1963 to today’s satellite programs such as TDRSS, our DC-DC converters (often included in our own systems) have proven them- selves in space. For example, our converters are on the ACTS and GPS satellites. (See below for a complete list of FEI space and satellite programs.) Our numerous citations for quality and contract performance have been Awarded by DOD, NASA and such primes as Hughes, Ford Aerospace, TRW, E-Systems, GE and ALCATEL. Currently, we supply 30-40 converters each year for satellites and 500 for aerospace and other HI-REL use.

Reaching the Highest of High Reliability
Our reliability record is one that any supplier must envy: Of our more than 3,000 units on 90 satellite and space exploration programs we have had only one reported anomaly!

This is not surprising considering our typical MTTF is 5 x 106 hours without redundancy, which corresponds to 15 years of life at a probability level of 0.9996 with redundancy.

Dedication to quality
Our exceptional reliability is also due to tight control of quality. This is facilitated by a high degree of vertical integration, which allows us to take full responsibility at every step.

The thin and thick hybrids we design and produce (in Class 10,000 clean-rooms) meet levels S and B of MIL-M-38510 for prime contractors such as TRW, Hughes, GTE and GE.

Our certified instructors in turn train and certify our operators to MIL-STD-2000. Our soldering meets WS-6536 (USN), MIL-S-45743E (USAF) and NHB 5300.4 (3A1) (NASA).

Our management system focuses on quality and exceeds the requirements of MIL-Q-9858A, monitored by DCAS.

Our PC board design and fabrication is QPL-listed for MIL-P-55110D types GF, GY, GR, and GI and has been qualified in space.

We are conducting a continuing TQM initiative to produce the highest quality product.

Reliability by design.
This enviable record testifies to our dedication to reliable design and process control. Wherever possible, proven sub-assemblies are used in our custom designs. These include our own hybrids, qualified for space. Semi- conductors and other parts are derated by at least 2:1 electrically and mechanically, and conservatively rated for thermal and radiation stress.

Modular Design Benefits
Custom designs usually employ our standard modules. Many of these contain our own thick and thin film proprietary hybrids, which we build in quantities of thousands per year.

Reliability is increased, because large sections of your unit have already been proven, not only by analysis but actually in space.

Cost is less, because much of our design is pre-existing. Delivery is faster, because we can eliminate considerable design time. In some cases qualified components and modules are already in stock, saving dollars as well.

Space Heritage - DC/DC Converters
FEI Has a long history of producing space-qualified DC/DC Converters, and builds DC-DC Converters to order.
A partial list follows:
Power Converter Units (PCUs)
Watts Outputs Input Voltage Redundancy Special
4 3 27 to 29 VDC    
15 6 22 to 34 VDC YES  
20 3 22 to 34 VDC   YES
22 6 22 to 34 VDC YES YES
25 3 22 to 34 VDC YES YES
30 6 22 to 34 VDC   YES
30 3 19 to 36 VDC YES  
  1500 & 3000 VDC 24 to 34 VDC   YES
100 18 22 to 34 VDC   YES
170 6   YES