Frequency Electronics Inc., Mitchel Field, Long Island NY

Founded in 1962 as a research and development company, FEI's goal from inception has been to provide the most advanced control of frequency and time — the essential factor for communication and data transfer in electronic spacecraft systems, in telecommunications networks, and in certain military applications. In short, if the electronic signals transmitted in any of these systems are not synchronized, accurate communication is impossible. FEI's products ensure that the "call goes through."

In the mid-1990s, the Company transformed itself from a defense contract manufacturer into a high-tech provider of precision time and frequency products used to synchronize voice, data and video transmissions in wireless communications systems. These systems are found in both ground-based stations and on-board commercial satellites. The Company also continues to support the United States government with products for defense or space applications but it will do so with more emphasis on COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) products than on contract-based projects.

FEI's US Headquarters is located in Mitchel Field, Long Island NY. The company operates in a modern, 100,000 square foot facility where it performs all US engineering, development, production and administrative functions.

  • Modern Facility
  • 100,000 sq ft: Laboratory, Engineering and Production Space
  • AS9100 Registered
  • Strong Balance Sheet

Critical to the succes of FEI is a skilled and dedicated workforce. Quality work is highly prized and FEI is proud of its AS9100 certification. Equally important to maintaining FEI's competitive advantages is its emphasis on new product development and design improvements.



Frequency Electronics Long Island, New York Facility

Frequency Electronics, Inc. Headquarters in Mitchel Field, NY

Frequency Electronics, Inc.
55 Charles Lindbergh Boulevard,
Mitchel Field, NY 11553
Tel: 516-794-4500
Fax: 516-794-4340

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FEI Components and Systems
Crystal Oscillators
Master Reference Clocks
Rubidium Frequency Standard
DC/DC Converters
CDMA Plug-In Assemblies
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