OCXO Subminiature Oven Controlled Commercial Quartz Crystal Oscillator
Model FE-101A

Warm-up to stabilized frequency
in less than 2 minutes
Temperature Stability: 5 x 10-8 @ -50° C
Low Steady State Power: 1.75 W @ 25°C
Small Size: 1.27" x 1.33" x 1.33"

Function Description   Technical Characteristics

Traditional ovenized crystal oscillators typically require long warm-up times to stabilize. Frequency Electronics‘ experience has led to the development of a stable oven controlled oscillator which warms up in less than 2 minutes to 1x 10-7.

Technical Highlights
The FE-101A is a rugged, compact, ultra-stable, sub-miniature crystal oscillator designed to provide excellent short- and long-term stability over a wide range of environmental conditions in applications ranging from instruments and laboratory systems, to portable communication systems.

Superior crystal oscillator precision is required for both time and frequency in precision instrument applications such as synthesizers, counters and spectrum analyzers. The same high end performance characterisics are required in satellite transmissions, geophysical survey positioning systems, and standard time/time-interval generation and transfer. Using breakthrough design and packaging concepts, FEI has applied advanced technologies to create the best of both worlds... with small size and low costs. This makes the FE-101A your best choice for all applications in which it is essential to combine excellent spectral purity with short- and long-term stability.

Frequency 10 kHz to 5 MHz, CMOS compatible squarewave or 5 MHz to 20 MHz, @ +7 dBm, sinewave, with -30 dBc maximum harmonic distortion
Allan Variance 5 x 10-12 from 0.1 to 10 seconds
Long Term Stability 5 x 10-10 /day, 5 x 10-8 /year
Frequency Temperature Stability ± 5 X 10-8
Phase Noise
(-dBc /Hz @ Frequency Offset)

140 100Hz
150 1 kHz
155 10 kHz

Frequency Retrace <± 1 X 10-8 within 1 hour following 24 hours off
G-Sensitivity ±1 x 10-9 /g
Input Voltage ±15 VDC± 5%
Input Voltage Sensitivity ±1 x 10-9 for ±5%
Warm-Up Power 7W, max.
Warm-Up Time 2 min. to 1 x 10-7
4 min. to 1 x 10-8
Steady State Power 1.75 @ +25°C -/+ 22 mW/°C
Operating Temperature Range 0 to +50°C
Options Available
Extended Temperature Option 1: -40 to 70°C
Option 2: -55 to 85°C
Improved Temperature Stability Option 4: ±3 x 10-8
Option 5: ±1 x 10-8
Improved G Sensitivity Option 8: ±5 x 10-10 /g
Option 9: ± 3 x 10-10 /g