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Frequency Electronics Inc. is an award-winning world leader in the design, development, manufacturing and selling of high precision timing and frequency control products and components for microwave integrated circuit applications for space, air, sea and land.

Frequency Electronics’ product portfolio has a heritage for supporting the most demanding Aerospace and Defense requirements. FEI supports the Department of Defense’s concept to connect sensors from all of the military services—Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Space Force—into a single network. Synchronization is critical to better link the armed forces’ sensors and shooters on the battlefield; FEI continues to develop the latest and greatest synchronization systems and methods to support the JADC2 mission.

Space Qualified

FEI has been developing space solutions for 50+ years and has played an important role in a wide variety of space programs globally. The company has a proven track record for innovation, quality and reliability and continues to build on that legacy with an impressive portfolio of industry leading new product and technology introductions.

Electronic components that are sent to outer space must be the absolute gold standard in terms of accuracy, SWAP efficiency, and survivability, as a failed can become the single point of failure on a multi-million-dollar system. FEI develops Rubidium Atomic Frequency Standards (RAFS) specifically for space applications where a highly stable and extremely reliable atomic clock is needed. The FEI RAFS is the highest performance device of this type currently available, combining stability and low drift with negligible environmental sensitivity, while offering the small size, weight, and power advantages of a Rubidium Frequency Standard.

FEI’s RAFS are at the heart of the GPS III satellite constellation, and they guarantee the correct functioning of the system with an error of only one billionth of a second per day (one second every 3 million years). A flight time error of 1 millionth would imply a positioning error of as much as 300 meters.

Assured/Alternative Position, Navigation, and Timing

APNT works under all conditions, unlike Global Positioning System (GPS). There have been many forms of interference lately from GPS. There have been more severe issues concerning jamming and spoofing. Now, Combat Commanders are requesting alternate PNT systems to GPS for their maneuver formations.

FEI’s develops long holdover clock technology with APNT in mind. Applications range from PNT for stationary or slowly moving platforms such as Aerostats to PNT for high-dynamic aircraft and everything in between. FEI’s proven Assured PNT products are designed to provide critical PNT information under demanding conditions.


FEI is the world leader in network synchronization and precise time solutions. Our end-to-end portfolio of precise time solutions includes:

Timing & Synchronization Systems for highly accurate “precise time” distribution using today’s precise timing standards: GPS-based timing, IEEE 1588 (PTP), Network Time Protocol (NTP), Synchronous Ethernet and DOCSIS® timing, as well as network supervision and management for timing problem notification, analysis and SLA compliance

Clock & Frequency References including hydrogen, cesium and rubidium standards, and quartz oscillators to generate the world’s precision timing references

Clocks & Timing ICs for clock management (clock synthesis, rate conversion, jitter attenuation and fan-out buffer timing), Optical Transport Network (OTN) timing solutions and packet timing, delivering field-proven high-performance time and frequency synchronization solutions for packet networks

Electronic Warfare

Advanced electronic warfare (EW) systems are designed to protect against electronic attack (EA) deceive radar and track enemy transmissions. Ensuring full access to the electronic spectrum while blocking adversaries requires innovative technology. And mission success hinges on developing broadband, AI-capable technology and the adoption of open standards (SOSA, CMOSS, VICTORY, etc.). From RF to digital, FEI’s components, subsystems and solutions are designed to deliver innovation to EW solutions and systems.

FEI designs and delivers RF Modules operating at frequencies up to 67 GHz. We provide fast switching speed, low phase noise (jitter), and ultra-wideband solutions for Electronic Warfare, Radar, Electromagnetic Environment Simulator, SIGINT, and emerging 5G wireless applications. Our design approach is based on a combination of MW circuit design and FPGA based proprietary DSP.


Synchronization in telecommunications networks is the process of aligning the time scales of transmission and switching equipment so equipment operations occur at the correct time and in the correct order. Synchronization requires the receiver clock to acquire and track the periodic timing information in a transmitted signal.

Synchronization is one of the most critical functions of a communication system. Timing and synchronization standards for mobile networks prevent messages from interfering with one another and enable smooth cell-to-cell transfers. The increased stringency of timing and synchronization requirements for 5G is being driven by exponentially faster speeds, lower latency, and increased densification.

FEI solutions ensure synchronization of all nodes to the primary reference time clock source.

Autonomous Systems

Autonomous systems employ leading-edge sensing and control technologies to operate without human intervention. For an autonomous system to operate successfully, clock signals must be synchronized. Timing is now mission-critical, more than it has ever been before, placing extreme demands on the sources of that timing; FEI strives to provide the most capable solutions for autonomous systems.

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