Electronic warfare

FEI-Elcom Tech, a division of Frequency Electronics Inc., specializes in advanced electronic warfare (EW) products designed to provide superior performance and reliability in defense and military applications. These products are critical for ensuring effective electronic countermeasures and situational awareness in contested environments. Here are the key details about FEI-Elcom Tech’s electronic warfare offerings:

Purpose and Functionality:

  • Purpose: EW products are designed to detect, intercept, and counteract electronic signals from potential threats, providing an advantage in military operations by disrupting enemy communications and radar.
  • Functionality: These products include a range of sophisticated equipment such as frequency synthesizers, signal generators, and receivers, which work together to perform tasks such as signal jamming, electronic surveillance, and radar spoofing.



  • Military Operations: Used to protect military forces by disrupting enemy communications and radar, enhancing operational security and effectiveness.
  • Intelligence and Surveillance: Employed in electronic intelligence (ELINT) and signal intelligence (SIGINT) operations to gather critical information on enemy activities.
  • Defense Systems: Integrated into larger defense systems to provide comprehensive electronic protection and situational awareness.


Key Products and Features

Frequency Synthesizers and Signal Generators:

Key Models: FEI-Elcom Tech offers a range of high-performance frequency synthesizers and signal generators designed for EW applications.


  • Wide Frequency Range: Capable of operating over a broad spectrum, allowing for effective jamming and interception of a wide variety of signals.
  • Low Phase Noise: Ensures high signal purity, which is critical for effective electronic countermeasures.
  • Fast Switching Speed: Allows for rapid frequency changes, essential for agile EW operations.
  • High Output Power: Provides the necessary signal strength to effectively jam or spoof enemy systems.


Receivers and Signal Processing Units:

Key Models: Advanced receivers and signal processing units designed to detect and analyze electronic signals in the environment.


  • High Sensitivity: Capable of detecting weak signals, providing early warning of potential threats.
  • Wide Dynamic Range: Ensures the ability to handle both weak and strong signals without distortion.
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP): Enhances the ability to accurately analyze and identify signals, improving the effectiveness of EW operations.


Integrated EW Systems:

FEI-Elcom Tech offers integrated EW systems that combine multiple components into a cohesive solution, providing comprehensive electronic defense capabilities.


  • Modular Design: Allows for flexibility and scalability, enabling customization to meet specific mission requirements.
  • Robust Performance: Designed to operate reliably in harsh environments, including high-temperature, high-vibration, and electromagnetic interference conditions.



Enhanced Operational Security: Provides advanced capabilities to disrupt enemy communications and radar, enhancing the security and effectiveness of military operations.

High Reliability: Built to meet stringent military standards, ensuring dependable performance in critical situations.

Advanced Signal Handling: Features such as wide frequency range, low phase noise, and high sensitivity ensure effective detection and countermeasures against a variety of electronic threats.

Scalability and Customization: Modular design allows for tailored solutions that can be scaled and customized to meet the specific needs of different missions and platforms.

Technological Superiority: Incorporates cutting-edge technology to maintain a competitive edge in electronic warfare capabilities.

FEI-Elcom Tech’s electronic warfare products are essential for modern military operations, providing the tools needed to detect, intercept, and counteract electronic threats. With features such as wide frequency range, low phase noise, high sensitivity, and robust design, these products deliver reliable and effective performance in the most demanding environments. By offering both individual components and integrated systems, FEI-Elcom Tech ensures that their EW solutions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any defense application, maintaining technological superiority and operational security.

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