GPS time/frequency

FEI-Zyfer offers advanced GPS Time and Frequency Distribution products, which are designed to provide precise time and frequency synchronization for a variety of critical applications. Here are the key details about FEI Zyfer’s offerings in this area:

Purpose and Functionality:

  • Purpose: These products are designed to distribute accurate time and frequency signals derived from GPS satellites to ensure synchronized operations across various systems.
  • Functionality: They receive GPS signals and use them to generate precise timing and frequency references, which can be distributed to multiple devices and systems within a network.



  • Telecommunications: Synchronize network operations, ensuring efficient data transmission and minimizing latency.
  • Defense and Aerospace: Provide reliable timing for navigation, communication, radar, and other critical military systems.
  • Broadcasting: Ensure accurate timing for signal transmission, crucial for coordinating broadcast networks.
  • Power Utilities: Synchronize operations within power grids, improving reliability and efficiency.
  • Financial Services: Provide precise time-stamping for transactions, ensuring regulatory compliance and accuracy in trading systems.


Key Products and Features

Time and Frequency References: Includes multiple output formats for compatibility with various systems, low phase noise, and high frequency stability. It also offers holdover capabilities to maintain accuracy during GPS outages.

GPS Disciplined Oscillators (GPSDOs): Offers high precision and stability, rapid acquisition of GPS signals, and robust performance in harsh environments. These products also include multiple output options and are designed for easy integration into existing systems.

Time and Frequency Distribution Systems: Includes redundant power supplies and GPS receivers for increased reliability, multiple output formats, and network management capabilities to monitor and control the system remotely.


High Precision and Stability: FEI Zyfer’s products deliver exceptional time and frequency accuracy, essential for applications requiring precise synchronization.

Reliability: Designed to operate in challenging environments and provide continuous service even during GPS outages, thanks to integrated holdover capabilities.

For more information, dive in on FEI-Zyfer’s website and products.

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