A Master Clock (based on precision Quartz Crystal Oscillators or Rubidium Vapor Atomic Oscillators) is intended to be used where timing is critical, but the host device may need to perform autonomously. For example, a satellite requires an internal clock, which is synchronized with clocks on earth. Since the satellite can be out of touch with ground stations from time-to-time and when contact is re-established, both the internal and earth clocks must be in perfect synchronization to maintain communication.

ACTS Frequency Generator FE-5150A

5 MHz to 6.8 MHz, Fully redundant, includes DC/DC Converter

Syracuse 1, 2

Triple Redundant Master Quartz Clock and Distribution Assembly with 60 Isolated Outputs

Cesium Beam Atomic Frequency Standard


Eutelsat II Local Oscillator


Advanced EHF Space System

• Triple Redundant Rubidium Atomic Standards
• Triple Redundant Precision Quartz Oscillators
• Double Redundant Multiple Frequency RF Synthsizers
• Triple Redundant DC/DC Converters
• Triple Redundant Mil-Std-1553B Serial Interface