Reference Generators

Frequency Electronics Inc. (FEI) offers advanced Reference Generators, including their highly regarded REFGEN product line, which provide precise and stable frequency and timing references for various applications. Here are the key details:

Overview of Reference Generators

Purpose and Functionality:

  • Purpose: Reference generators provide accurate frequency and time signals to synchronize and stabilize electronic systems.
  • Functionality: They generate a primary frequency reference, which can be used to synchronize various subsystems within larger networks, ensuring cohesive and precise operation.



  • Telecommunications: Used to maintain synchronization across network infrastructure, ensuring efficient data transmission and reduced latency.
  • Defense and Aerospace: Provide stable timing signals for navigation systems, communication links, and radar operations.
  • Satellite Systems: Ensure accurate timing for satellite communications and positioning systems, including GPS.
  • Scientific Research and Instrumentation: Serve as reference clocks for experimental setups, measurement systems, and testing equipment.


Features and Benefits

High Stability: FEI’s reference generators offer exceptional frequency stability, minimizing drift and ensuring long-term accuracy.

Low Phase Noise: Critical for applications requiring clean and precise signal generation, FEI’s reference generators exhibit low phase noise, enhancing signal integrity.

Robustness and Reliability: Designed to operate in challenging environments, FEI’s reference generators are known for their durability and reliable performance over extended periods.

Precision Timing: Provide highly accurate timing references, essential for applications like telecommunications and satellite systems where precise timing is crucial.

Customization Options:  FEI offers customizable solutions to meet specific customer needs, ensuring optimal performance for specialized applications.


REFGEN Product Line

Overview: The REFGEN series is a specific line of reference generators developed by FEI, incorporating advanced technology to deliver superior performance.

Key Models and Specifications:

REFGEN 1300: Known for its high stability and low phase noise, this model is suitable for demanding applications in defense and telecommunications.

REFGEN 1500: Offers enhanced features such as multiple output frequencies, customizable configurations, and improved environmental resilience.

Technological Features:

Multiple Outputs: REFGEN models typically offer multiple output frequencies to support a variety of system requirements.

Enhanced Stability: Incorporate technologies such as oven-controlled crystal oscillators (OCXO) and temperature-compensated crystal oscillators (TCXO) to maintain stability across varying conditions.

Environmental Tolerance: Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration, ensuring reliable operation in harsh environments.


Applications of REFGEN

Network Synchronization: Used in telecommunications to synchronize networks, ensuring efficient and error-free data transmission.

Satellite Communication: Provides precise timing references necessary for satellite communication systems and global positioning systems (GPS).

Military and Defense: Supports critical defense applications, including secure communication links, radar systems, and electronic warfare.

Scientific and Industrial: Serves as a reference clock in various industrial and scientific applications, ensuring accurate measurements and stable operation.



FEI’s Reference Generators, including the REFGEN product line, are essential for applications requiring precise and stable frequency and timing references. With features like high stability, low phase noise, and robustness, these products support a wide range of industries, ensuring reliable and accurate performance in critical systems.

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