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FEI builds mission critical solutions for Space, Land, Sea and Air applications in Assured Position Navigation and Timing (APNT), Electronic Warfare (EW) and Time Distribution. FEI designs, develops and manufactures space qualified, rugged, high performance products for :

Quantum Sensing – FEI has been building quantum sensing systems for over 40 years.  FEI uses quantum atomic sensing for mission critical rubidium atomic clocks.  FEI has a quantum sensing team for developing tomorrow’s Atomic Clocks, Magnetometers, Gravitometers and Rydberg Receivers.

Space – For the satellite market, the Company has a unique legacy of providing master timing systems, power converters, and frequency generation, synthesis and distribution systems. These products are applicable for both commercial and U.S. Government enduse. Currently, there are approximately 3,400 satellites with varying remaining useful lives operating in Geostationary, Medium and Low Earth Orbits. The U.S. government operates approximately 1,900 of these.

Land – For the terrestrial secure command control and communications systems market, the Company’s products support multiple C4ISR and EW applications for the U.S. Government on land, sea and air-borne platforms. Recently identified threats to the communication capabilities of U.S. Government facilities through jamming or “spoofing” global positioning systems (“GPS”) signals may be mitigated by the Company’s technologies. In addition, similar types of threats to the public and enterprise networks have been identified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The Company’s high precision, ruggedized clocks combined with specialized software are essential for certain secure communication systems.

Sea – FEI has two very important next generation atomic clock programs with the Office of Navy Research.  The Pulsed Optically Pumped Rubidium Frequency Standard as well as the Mercury Ion Clock in partnership with JPL promise future unmatched performance for Navy time keeping standards. Frequency Electronics has a long history of supporting the USNO and National Institute of Standards (NIST) time keeping mission and has 1000’s of Space Qualified Rubidium Frequency Standards Operating in space.  The FEI Digital Rubidium Frequency Standard is one of the key master clocks for the future GPS launches.

Air – Frequency Electronics has provided oscillators and master clocks for airborne platforms where vibration insensitivity, rugged high performance is required.  Programs like F-35, F-14, B1-B, 777, USN AOEW, Patriot and AAMRAM missiles are our legacy.



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