SIR-3200 VHF/UHF Series

The SIR-3200 VHF/UHF Receiver is designed for wideband applications from 20 MHz to 3000 MHz
with multiple selectable digital IF bandwidths from 6 KHz up to 40 MHz, and fixed analog IF bandwidth outputs. This unique receiver has a spectral display, NRT and optional VOIP.

MARKETS: Spectral Monitoring


  • High Dynamic Range Allows the End User to Reject High Powered Adjacent Channel Signals Improving Signal Of Interest Selectivity 
  • Fast Tuning, “Real Time Stare” Bandwidth Up to 40 MHz Helps Identify Shore or Burst Transmissions Such as Those Used as RF Triggers in Remote Detonations and Operational Signaling 
  • Improve Operational Flexibility While Reducing Maintenance and Repair Costs 
  • FlxGen™ Architecture Supports Multiple VHF/UHF Legacy IF Bandwidths Through Re-configurable “On The Fly” Software 
  • Modular Architecture Provides for Lower Total Cost of Ownership 
  • Sweep and Scan Capability 
  • Advanced Noise Riding Threshold (ANRT) for Improved Detection of Signals of Interest 
  • Exceptional In & Out of Band IP3 for Improved Selectivity in Dense RF Environments 
  • Ultra Low Colorization and Reciprocal Mixing 
  • Optional 30 Narrowband Digital Receivers in any 40 MHz IFBW, Multiplexed to E1 Output*


  • Seamless Tuning From 20 to 3000 MHz 
  • Ultra Wide Dynamic Range 
  • Low Phase Noise RF Chain, Less Than 0.5 Degree Integration 
  • Less Than -110 dBm Internally Generated Spurious 
  • IF Output (10.7 MHz, 21.4 MHz, 70 MHz), Up to 40 MHz Bandwidth (80 MHz optional*) 
  • CW Chopping

SIR-4011 & 4100 Microwave Series

The SIR-4000 Microwave Receiver series is offered in three ranges of frequency coverage: 0.5 to 18 GHz, 0.5 to 26.5 GHz, and 0.5 to 40 GHz. All models have a tuning resolution of 10 Hz. The SIR-4000 receiver is designed to perform for today’s most demanding 

microwave signal monitoring applications. With its advanced RF/analog architecture, the SIR 4000 delivers high dynamic range and low spurious. Following the RF/analog frequency converter section in these receivers, a high-speed, high-resolution digital signal processor derives any of eight selectable IF bandwidths ranging from 0.5 MHz to 20 MHz at 70 MHz center frequency. Utilizing Elcom’s advanced frequency synthesizer architecture, which incorporates a direct digital synthesizer (DDS) within a VCO-based PLL synthesizer configuration, the tunable local oscillator (LO) of the SIR-4000 features low phase noise and fast tuning speed while allowing 10 MHz tuning frequency step size.

The Elcom SIR-4000 microwave receiver can be controlled remotely through any of multiple interfaces: Ethernet, RS 232, and RS 422. A front panel graphical display and front panel manual control capability are included. The receiver includes an independent analog L Band IF Output with 500 MHz or 1 GHz BW. Numerous advanced digital signal processing features within the SIR-4000 make available many functions which previously required external instrumentation. A high-speed digital controller within the SIR-4000 is programmed with an extensive set of instrument control functions making the SIR-4000 an extremely versatile microwave signal monitoring system.

MARKETS: ELINT, Synthetic Instrumentation, Radio Monitoring of Broadcast Station and IARU-monitoring, Emission Compliancy Testing, Direction Finding (DF) Systems, Telecommunication, SATCOM, Radar Warning Receivers (RWR)

Frequency Range: 0.5-18 GHz, Wideband IF Output / BW: 1.0 GHz w/500MHz BW, Analog IF/BW: 160 MHz with 80 MHz BW, Reconstructed IF/BW: 70MHz 2/ 3.2KHz-40MHz BW, Front Spectral Display, 2U, 19″ Rack Mount

Frequency Range: 2-40 GHz, Wideband IF Output / BW: 1.8 GHz w/ 
1 GHz BW, Analog IF/BW: 160MHz with 
1-80MHz BW, Reconstructed IF/BW: 70MHz w/ 3.2kHz-20MHz BW, Front Spectral Display, 2U, 19” Rack 



  • Advanced Graphical Spectral Display
  • High Dynamic Range: In band Input IP3 > 0 dBm, NF< 15 dB
  • DSP B d AM FM Vid D d l ti DSP Based AM, FM Video Demodulation
  • Optional I/Q Digital Over Ethernet
  • Fast Switching Synthesizer with 10 Hz Tuning Resolution
  • Sweep and Scan Functions up to 512 Channels per Second
  • Excellent Phase Noise Performance: < 0.5°RMS
  • 1 GHz Bandwidth 1.8 GHz CF L Band IF Output
  • 70 MHz IF Output with Selectable Bandwidth
  • 160 MHz IF Output with Selectable Bandwidth
  • Manual and Automatic Gain Control with Adjustable Threshold
  • Ethernet 10/100 Base T, RS232, RS422/RS 485
  • 1U or 2U 19” Rack Standard*