Frequency Electronics Inc. is a non-traditional, vertically integrated, small business.  We are a world leader in operationally deployed quantum solutions with a focus on the development and production of atomic clocks. We have a proven track record with a 55-year legacy in space and a history of transforming laboratory demonstrations into practical products.

Vertically Integrated products and solutions :



The FEI team of PhD’s have deep technical expertise with applications for products in mission-critical systems and robust research and development programs in :

      • Next generation advanced optical atomic clocks
      • Photonic microwave sources
      • Ion Clocks
      • Clock ensembling
      • M-Code GPS Receivers
      • APNT Solutions
      • Quantum Magnetometers
      • Next generation EW solutions

FEI provides a unique product suite including master clocks, GPS timing systems, and multi-frequency generation systems to a diverse base of government and commercial customers.  With a proven track record with a 55-year legacy in space, FEI’s products are used in mission critical systems where accuracy and reliability of time and frequency products are vital to the entire platform.



FEI manufactures all quartz crystal resonators for space applications at the Mitchell Field facility

    • Quartz material procured from select qualified suppliers (premium Q, swept quartz)
    • All processing performed at FEI (cutting, x-ray crystallography, lapping, polishing, contouring, plating, tuning, and sealing)
    • FEI has invested over $1,000,000 in capital equipment in the last 3 years
      • Improved x-ray capabilities
      • Improved cutting equipment

FEI manufactures all rubidium lamps and cells at the Mitchell Field facility

    • Glassblowers trained in specific materials and tasks associated with Rb cells
    • Fully equipped facility (glass lathes, glass annealing furnaces, vacuum processing stations
    • Rb cell manufacturing is continuous, independent of GPS and other space programs; commercial production utilizes the same trained staff and processes

Environmental Tests Performed In-House

    • Thermal Cycling
    • Thermal Vacuum
      • 15 TVac Chambers currently on-site
    • Vibration – 5 in-house Vibration Platforms

Manufacturing Equipment

MyData MY100LXe Automatic Pick and Place Machine

  • MyData MY100 LXe-10 Automatic Pick & Place Machine
    • Capacity to hold 112 8mm feeders
    • 6,500 CPH ( 22 LCV Module/hour vs 3 Modules/day using the semi- automatic machine)
    • Electrical verification on resistors, capacitors, diodes before placing parts on PCBs
    • Ability to use barcode for faster feeder set-up time
  • Essemtec EXPERT Semi-Automatic Pick & Place Machine
    • Manual and semiautomatic models
    • Smooth gliding arm system
    • Air suspended pick-and-place head
    • Integrated placement illumination
    • x/y/z fine-adjustment
    • Automatic component lowering to PCB
    • Microprocessor control with LCD
    • Glue and solder paste dispensing system
  • Essemtec FINO Semi-automatic Stencil Printer
    • FEI has upgraded to a Semi Automatic machine to improve solder consistency
    • Software Control functionality:
      • The speed at which squeegees movement across the stencil apertures
      • The force applied onto the squeegees blades during the printing of the solder paste
      • The releasing of stencil from the PCB after paste being applied

Aqueous Technologies Trident-XLD Automatic De-fluxing System

  • Aqueous Technologies Trident-XLD Automatic De-Fluxing and Cleanliness Testing System
    • Flagship model of the Trident Series
    • Automatic De-Fluxing
      • Improves solder ball and flux removal.
    • Real Time cleanliness testing
    • Controlled by a Windows-based PC computer
    • Automatically captures all relevant process data including cleanliness testing results (SPC)

Metcal Scorpion APR-1200- SRS Advanced Package Rework Station

  • Metcal Scorpion APR-1200-SRS Advanced Package Rework
    • Station meets the challenges of array package rework and the accurate placement required for the smallest BGAs, QFNs and Micro SMDs
    • It can create specifically tailored reflow profiles through unique convection heating technology with nozzle and dual-zone pre-heater in one user-friendly, single platform rework system
  • Precision Valve & Automation PVA350 Automatic Dispensing System
    • Little or no masking of PCB is required
    • Flexible dispense and spray head
    • Very easy to program
    • Process is very accurate and repeatable
  • Automatic Optical Inspection – ALeader ALD525 i3D
    • i3D Height Analyzing, coplanarity check, and Shape Analysis. Able to analyze wetting angles, height, and overall topography of PCB
    • Debug-Free Technology (Including flexible packages)
    • Escape-Free Technology
    • False Calls Control Technology
    • Small Chip: Coplanarity, offset, cold soldering, no solder, missing, tombstone and more
    • Production Process Control SW: prevent defects in real time, improve and control production

Investigating Real Time x-ray

  • Real Time x-ray – Investigating systems similar to Unicomp Technology Ax-8600HR
    • 100 KV 5um X-ray Tube (130 KV option)”Arc” Motion
    • High-resolution Detector with 60 degree tilt
    • 2 mega pixel CCD camera with navigation
    • Multi-function work station with 360 degree rotation
    • Wide detection area up to 550mm*500mm with 420x Geometry Magnification
    • Automatic rising-lowering and scale mark
    • Intuitive interface, Ease of Operation


FEI’s Hi-Rel assembly and test areas include:

  • Six class 10,000 clean rooms – 7,500 Sq. Ft
    • Critical processes under class 100 laminar flow
  • High reliability assembly and test areas – approx. 13,000 Sq. Ft (10,000 + 3,000 lower level)
    • Environmentally controlled
      • Particle arrestment and count, temperature, relative humidity, ESD
      • Monitored as class 100,000 (typically 50 – 60K)


  • Crystal fabrication and test
  • Rubidium lamp and cell fabrication and test
  • Thick and Thin Film Hybrid assembly and test
  • Multi-technology modules
  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
  • Automatic and semi-automatic assembly
  • Automatic Optical Inspection
  • Real Time X-Ray

Parts, Materials and Processes (PMP)

  • FEI maintains an extensive Inventory of Hi-Reliability parts
    • Over $12.5 million
    • Ensures meeting schedule requirements on current programs as well as newly bid Programs
  • The Materials and Processes FEI incorporates in the manufacture of space hardware has been approved by every major Aerospace Customer

Testing Approach for Production

  • Testing will be accomplish using manual and automated system as required.
  • All technicians are trained to test space programs

Operator Certification & Ongoing Training

  • Assemblers are certified to NASA STD 8739 and WSM-100
  • Trainer Certified to NASA STD -1, -2, -3 (Conformal Coating & Staking, Surface Mt Soldering, Hand Soldering respectively)
  • Assemblers and Technicians are ESD trained in accordance with 33770-PRO
  • Employees are trained to WSM-100 FEI Workmanship Specification
  • Operators are certified to all processes they are assigned to.
  • In-house NASA-STD-8739.1, .2, .3 Level B Instructor
  • Manufacturing personnel have received the proper training to build the assemblies.
  • Certified Operators and Inspectors per :
    • NASA-STD-8739
    • NHB 5300.4 (3J)
    • WSM 100
  • Training records are available (on-site review only)

Test Equipment

System ATE

  • System ATE
  • EPC ATE Test Rack
    • Input bus source from 20V to 120V pulse command (positive & negative)
    • EPC with 1 to 5 outputs, output power from 5W TO 200W, output voltages from 1.5V TO 50V
    • EPC test capacity (Isolation, Continuity, Output Ripple, Load Switching, Low Bus Latchoff, Command Turn-on/Overshoot, Inrush Current, Switching Spikes, Minimum Load Margin, High Speed Bus Fluctuation, Voltage Regulation, Efficiency, Status Telemetry, Switching Frequency, Undervoltage Lockout, Frequency Domain Ripple, Short Circuit Test)

Hybrid Equipment

West Bond Thermosonic Wire Bonder

  • West Bond
    • Semi-automatic wire bonder and thermosonic ribbon bonder
    • Eutectic/Epoxy Pick & Place die bonder
  • SST International Eutectic Reflow Station
    • Void-Free Eutectic Die Attach
    • Fiber Optic Package Assembly
    • Ceramic Package Sealing
    • Flux-Free Solder Process Development
    • Assembly of Microelectronic Packages
    • Hybrid Microelectronic Circuit Assembly

Quality Equipment

  • Nitron and Fisherscope x-ray incoming inspection equipment to analyze parts for prohibited content such as pure tin, cadmium, and zinc

Thermo Scientific Niton Metal & Alloy Analyzer

  • Thermo Scientific Niton Metal & Alloy Analyzer
    • 50 kV x-ray tube provides approximately 2x the x-ray flux of a 40 kV x-ray tube
    • Fast, nondestructive verification of high-temp, nickel, titanium, aluminum alloys & superalloys
    • Confirmation of presence / absence of high-purity Sn – prevent Sn whiskers before they start
    • Identify Se, Cd, and Zn coatings for space applications – don’t let them sublimate in a vacuum
    • Shorter measurement times
    • Lab-quality accuracy and precision
  • Fisherscope x-ray XDAL
    • Spectrometer with silicon PIN detectors provide reliable analysis results and coating thickness readings even with a small concentration and very thin coatings
    • Designed for electronics and semiconductor industries
    • Analysis of very thin coatings, e.g. gold and palladium coatings of = 0.1 μm
    • Fast and highly precise XY(Z) measuring stage
    • Excellent long-term stability, which is reflected in a reduced calibration effort

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