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For the terrestrial secure command control and communications systems market, the Company’s products support multiple C4ISR and EW applications for the U.S. Government on land, sea and air-borne platforms. Recently identified threats to the communication capabilities of U.S. Government facilities through jamming or “spoofing” global positioning systems (“GPS”) signals may be mitigated by the Company’s technologies. In addition, similar types of threats to the public and enterprise networks have been identified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.


The Company’s high precision, ruggedized clocks combined with specialized software are essential for certain secure communication systems.

FEI builds mission critical solutions for land commercial and land warfare environments. FEI has in-house production capabilities of key-building-blocks of these systems like quartz fabrication to produce resonators and timing systems and vapor cell production using rubidium chloride to produce atomic clocks and other quantum sensing devices.  FEI designs, develops and manufactures military qualified solutions for authorized US and Allied military customers, our GPS time and frequency systems can be equipped  with the latest advanced encrypted M-code GPS receivers. The embedded M-Code GPS receiver is coupled with FEI-Zyfer’s high performance crystal (OCXO) or Rubidium (Rb) oscillators to ensure stable holdover and signal output in the event of GPS or other external reference signal loss.


FEI Solutions integrate previously developed components and solutions from the list below into a deliverable subsystem that meets the customers requirements and which can include the below functions in single, dual and triple redundant configurations:


Product Examples

FEI builds High-G insensitive precision clocks for use in military applications where holdover time and operation in high vibration scenarios are required.  FEI is developing a SOSA aligned 3U VPX radial clock with long holdover, high-G insensitivity and 10-12 Allen Deviation performance. FEI-Elcom tech is developing SOSA Aligned 3U VPX EW Microwave Receivers, Frequency Converters and Frequency Synthesizers for use in US Army EW applications.  FEI-Zyfer has a long history of building integrated GPS M-Code subsystems.

For land applications, all products are tailored made and developed specifically for customer requirements reusing and integrating previously developed components and subsystems.  The products on our website are just a fraction of the 1000’s of units FEI has delivered for land applications.

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