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Headquartered at Mitchel Field, New York and founded in 1961, Frequency Electronics, Inc. (“FEI”) is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of high-precision timing and frequency control products for Space, Air, Sea and Terrestrial applications. The Company’s technology is the key element in enhancing the functionality and performance of many electronic systems.

FEI has a unique legacy of providing master timing systems, power converters, and frequency synthesis, conversion and distribution systems to various commercial, government and military customers.

Currently, FEI designs and manufactures precision timing and frequency sources that provide communications, navigation and timing capabilities for critical military systems and for commercial telecom providers.

Our FEI-Zyfer subsidiary designs and manufactures standard and custom GPS-disciplined time and frequency reference systems for use in government, military and commercial-grade terrestrial, maritime and airborne applications requiring high-precision / high-reliability Assured Position, Navigation and Timing (A-PNT) services. The systems employ M-Code, SAASM and standard GPS receivers along with the latest generation of FEI’s Rubidium Atomic Clocks and crystal oscillators. FEI-Zyfer is a U.S. Space Force, GPS Directorate-approved Host Application Equipment (HAE) integrator, and is AS 9100:D certified.

FEI Elcom-Tech subsidiary , designs and manufactures Radio Frequency (RF) microwave modules, as well as devices and subsystems up to 64 GHz, that incorporate  phase coherent-switching, ultra-low phase noise synthesizers, wide-band up-down converters and high performance receivers and tuners. These core technologies are mission-critical for Electronic Warfare (EW),  C4ISR, intelligence collection (COMINT, MASINT and ELINT), threat simulation, electronic attack (EA) and prevention (EP) systems, as well as for EW testing.

FEI continues to pursue its mission to innovate, developing next-generation products for both government and commercial space and terrestrial applications.

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FEI Provides Products and Solutions Used by
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Frequency Electronics, Inc.

Precision Time & Frequency
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FEI-Elcom Tech

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FEI-Zyfer Inc.

GPS Position, Navigation, Time & Frequency Reference Systems

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